Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Choosing A Crystal Chandelier For Your Bedroom

Author: Vanessa Doctor

Crystal chandeliers can help make a room appear more elegant and more beautiful while still making it functional in terms of lighting.

When discussing about light fixtures, people usually think of crystal chandeliers initially, this may be attributed to its characteristic of being a well-known sophisticated and attractive lighting that can help improve the overall quality and aesthetic look of any room. This type of chandelier offers a wide variety of choices for its consumers, ranging from different and unique designs, different colors, to the size, shape and number of crystals that are actually used on the chandelier.

Although there are a lot of different kinds of chandeliers out there, crystal chandeliers are considered to be one of the most expensive and most popular types of chandeliers in the market. A lot of people are attracted to crystal chandeliers mainly because of its exquisiteness and majesty that can be associated with royalty or wealth, which is why a lot of people choose to use this type of chandelier in decorating their homes.

Where To Put Chandeliers

Chandeliers are more commonly used in the dining room or the living room, which are places wherein people mostly get together and hold parties or social gatherings. These are the more ideal places to put crystal chandeliers since these rooms usually have high ceilings, or offer enough space to accommodate whatever sized chandelier you may have, in order to avoid making the room feel cramp or crowded. However, with the evolving trend nowadays, chandeliers are beginning to find their way to other rooms that normally would not house such an ornate fixture. One room in particular is the bedroom.

Chandeliers In Bedrooms

Bedrooms are commonly used for sleeping and resting. This is considered to be a place of sanctuary for a person, especially for a person who wishes to get away from his work or the world in general. Since bedrooms are used for such intimate settings and purposes, putting crystal chandeliers in it would not be at the top of people̢۪s list. However, crystal chandeliers in bedrooms can actually help create the mood that you desire for your bedroom, improving your bedroom̢۪s aesthetic look as well as its functionality.

Choosing Chandeliers For Your Bedroom

When choosing crystal chandeliers for bedrooms, it is important to remember that the look of the chandelier should not overpower the aura that the bedroom is creating. Keep in mind that the chandelier should not be the main focus of the room, but the bed should be, which is why your chandelier should not be too over-elaborate in order to make it complement the room instead of overpowering it. The design should be soft and smooth to help accent the atmosphere of the bedroom.

The look of any chandelier is only half the battle, which is why determining the type of light, color and brightness, of the chandelier is just as important in maintaining the serene environment of your bedroom. You can always attach your crystal chandelier to a dimmer switch so you can adjust the light from very bright to a bit dim, depending on the type of lighting that you may need. In terms of color, crystal chandeliers can create some of the most stunning display of colors through the lighting and the crystals used on the chandelier, giving your room a certain aura and look. It would be best, however, if you chose colors that are not too dark or too strong, for this can help create a soft glow to your room, making it a more appealing place to rest.


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