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How to beat a speeding ticket in Washington State

Author: Brad Cra

The procedure on how to beat a speeding ticket in Washington State is similar to most of the other states in America. If you want to beat a ticket you need to contest it either by mail or in court. Take note of the slight differences in the plea periods if you want to know how to beat a speeding ticket in Washington State.

Get acquainted with the infraction procedure. It will help you find the loopholes on how to beat a speeding ticket in Washington State. The citation is called an infraction. The first step is to read instructions on the back of the ticket. You have fifteen days to respond by mail or in person. You will be required to pay the fine if you select the guilty plea.

There is good news for those of you who stay beyond a 70-mile radius from the court. You can request a hearing by mail. You have to do this within fifteen days from the citation date. You can apply for a new trial in court if you lose your hearing by mail. It gives you a second chance at stating your case. The citation officer doesn't have to be in court, unless he gets subpoenaed. The judge will read the statement that the officer wrote. Your case may get dismissed or the court can set another date if the officer is subpoenaed and doesn't show.

You may request that the court defer the infraction for a period of one year. The infraction is scraped if you comply with all the stipulations for a one-year period. You may not commit any traffic violations for one year from the date of the deferral order. You will still have to pay the fine and an administrative fee. The fine is immediately payable together with a penalty and it will come on your licence record if you don't comply with the conditions. It is not the only option in how to beat a speeding ticket in Washington State, but it is a good option if the fine is small.

You can follow the same procedures used in other states if you want alternative means on how to beat a speeding ticket in Washington State.

Your case starts when you are pulled over. This is when you collect data to use in your defence.v Make a note of weather conditions that may affect a laser or radar reading.
v Write down the condition and location of speed limit signs. Check for any obstructions.
v Get the patrol vehicle's licence plate number, make and model.
v Note the traffic flow at the time of the citation.
v Request to see the speed measure unit. The officer will use his discretion and doesn't have to comply with your request.

v Make notes with regard to the colour of your clothing, passengers and their full names.
v Note any characteristics of your vehicle such as unique hubs, dents, and obvious scrapes.
v Write the exact location down.


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