Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Tips to dress as per your age

Author: arif12

When you are fifty plus, it is not advisable to wear revealing outfits and you also need to take care of the skirt length. The recommendation is the skirt should not rise more than an inch above the knee. Ladies evening tops that are not very jazzy are ideal as a good combination with such skirts.

You can still buy the latest fashion glossy magazine twice a year and also visit some of the shops frequented by youngsters to get the best of accessories.

With regard to makeup, less is more, and since eye-lids can appear heavy, it is better to make use of mascara that is water-proof along with an eye-liner which can lost long and prevent any smudging. You can wear your eyebrows thin by using an eye-brow pencil, taking care to see that it is not too dark.

Hair management is better when it is short or of shoulder length at this age. You can compensate for the short hair by ensuring softness and bounce so that the impression conveyed is favourable. Both Sharon Stone as well as Anna Wintour has demonstrated how great the right fringe can look, and there is no harm in you following suit.

Do ensure however that you go easy with the hair colour and allow some streaks of white as well as grey to be seen for that natural look.

Those of you in your forties will do well to remember that repeating an outfit should be avoided unless you have been wearing something that has stood the test of time for more than a couple of seasons. You can really go to town with some vibrant tops to complement trousers or skirts depending on the occasion.

Makeup should be done using a moisturiser so that your skin can boast a nice glow. After forty, skin normally starts losing its youthfulness and begins to appear pallid.

You can, however, be liberal in your use of the lip gloss to make your lips appear fuller.

The forties are probably some of the last years where you can still manage hair that is worn long. The only care to be taken is to wear it in the right manner and in this regard you can take a cue from Jennifer Aniston, as well as Liz Hurley, who have really managed to look great for so many years. Any grey hair should be tackled with discreet use of the appropriate hair colour.


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