Sunday, 24 October 2010

Becoming Well Known With A Cosmetology Career

By Susan Bean

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A good many women and men are choosing a Cosmetology Career as their life's work. This career involves learning to work with the hair, hands and fingers, cosmetics and feet and toes. Many people who have entered this career field have become very famous and work with many well known people. There will always be people who wish to improve their looks so the opportunity for employment is unlimited.

Many students are now attending beauty school with grants to pay their tuition. This gives a person with little or no funds to obtain an education and earn the requirements for a beauty career at the same time. Many have taken advantage of this opportunity and now have their own beauty shop.

Cosmetology is usually taught at a beauty school but is also available in some junior colleges. The course usually takes 9 months if all classes are taken and passed successfully. When enrolling in the course all aspects of beauty care are taught. How to do hair is just one aspect of the courses. Students are instructed regarding how to handle different types of hair, such as thin, heavy, curly, straight and so forth. They learn how to shampoo, cut, give permanents, color, blow dry and all the other things that people have done from time to time.

Manicuring, facial massage, pedicures and other procedures are also taught. Students must learn all the muscles connected with these treatments, The chemical construction of shampoos, rinses and other things used must be memorized. Rules and regulations regarding working with the public are also presented. Daily examinations are given on the section being taught.

After some time in classes, students are allowed to work part of the day on regular customers who come in for one of the services offered. All work is done under the supervision of licensed personnel who inspect and grade the quality of the job. These services are offered to the public at a much lower price than in a regular beauty shop as they are considered part of the learning process.

After graduating from the beauty school, the graduates must take a State Cosmetology Examination. If this is passed successfully than a State Beautician's License is given and you can work in any beauty shop or open your own shop. There are many beauty shops looking for new operators and the procedure is to 'rent' the space. This rent usually includes the shampoo, rinse, towels, electricity and facilities. The beautician furnishes her or his own tools, curlers and so forth.

It sometimes takes a while to build up a following of regular customers for a cosmetology career. Many will be found who have been in the business for a long time have appointments almost every hour on the days they are working. A good living is to be made in this career once you are established.

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