Monday, 25 October 2010

Black Picture Frames For The Gallery And Home

Author: Susan Slobac

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Black picture frames are a popular choice in art galleries throughout the world. The reasons are legion for selecting black frames in this setting. They include giving the gallery a more uniform appearance, which is important when a diversity of works from different artists will be on display in one room. Without that, the room can look cluttered and visually too busy.
If black frames are used, however, the room is given an instant dose of elegance because the black does not detract from any of the artwork inside the black frames and especially so if black and white fine-art photographs will be on display. You can also use black picture frames very well in many modern homes for a sleek look, suitable for contemporary architecture and interior design styles.
Metal picture frames are suitable for use in the home and also make excellent gallery frames as well. Gallery frames typically need to look alike, so they do not take any attention away from the artwork and metal frames can easily be found in similar styles. The strongest and most durable metal frames are made from anodized aluminum, which is buffed to a smooth finish. Frames made of metal are lightweight and thus make an excellent choice if you wish to hang your artwork on the walls.
Artists and homeowners alike can also choose from ready made frames or custom frames for their fine artwork. Ready made picture frames are available made from metal or wooden moulding and come in dozens of standard sizes ranging from small to quite large. One of the many benefits that come from using this type of frame is that they are the least expensive frame available and work well in a gallery or home setting where many photographs will need to be framed. If you have a painting or a picture that does not fit into a standard size, then you will need to look into custom picture frames, which are crafted to your exact specifications. Many artists take the step of using a custom frame because they can get the exact moulding that they want, colored exactly as they wish, in the width and depth that they desire, in order to give their artwork an edge that will bring the entire piece to the ultimate full effect that heightens the artwork.
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