Friday, 29 October 2010

Can Toy Pets Ever Replace Real Ones?

Author: Reese Downing

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Kids love having all sorts of pets, but sometimes that are some circumstances that do not allow them to have real live pets. The answer is simple: toy pets! As a matter of fact, some adults even think that toy pets are better than the real thing, because they are cheaper and safer! If you think that toy pets are dull, then think again, because in this day and age these pets have been made to be more interactive and more fun! There are now toy pets of all kinds, such as toy pet hamsters, toy pet monkeys, and even birds that are actually toys! These pets are all made differently, but one thing remains the same: their manufacturers have developed them in a way that allows the kids and their friends to interact with the pets more than ever before.
For example, one of the reasons that kids just absolutely love toy hamsters like the advanced models currently available is because they have a superior artificial intelligence that they can talk and move accordingly to their habitat. They don't just walk around and bump into things as though they are just mindless machines. They can sniff around objects, and they have personalities. They can be silly or funny, or even truly unpredictable! You also have such great choices when it comes to these toy pet hamsters, such as differences in color, size and personality!
Another example of a truly amazing kind of toy pet is a new toy monkey.This is an amazing interactive monkey that has many interactions available. It can sit quietly on your shoulder as you walk by on the street, but it can also talk to your friends as they come nearer to you. It comes with a remote that allows the owner to control how he interacts with the people, and it comes with ten different interactions that kids can choose from! There is no sidekick that is better than this kind of fun product, so is it really such a big surprise that kids are absolutely dying to have them for their birthdays and Christmas?
So if you need to buy the perfect present for the birthday of your kid, or if you need good ideas for Christmastime, then look no further than the wide array of toy pets that are available for you to choose from, be it replica hamsters, monkeys, dogs, even dinosaurs!

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