Thursday, 7 October 2010

Common Mistakes in Career


When you find a job after tough circumstances then welcome it with open arms and do not commit blunder at the start of a new job/ career because these days makes or damage your impression. So be aware and active when you enter in a new place. In the same way avoid some common mistakes that may be spoiled your career.
Do not talk baseless and listen carefully
It is a great tip for a new employee in any organization. Do not over talk on a matter unjustified, just for the sake to impress your seniors. If you have solid information or knowledge about the hot issue then discuss when you are allowed. It will go in your favor and will create your rocking impression. Just listen to your seniors carefully and try to obey, it as soon as possible.
Avoid making personal relationship
Never make personal relations in career whether you are a new or old employee. However you can make good friends, nice co-workers and sincere fellows but do not try to be so much personal with them. These relations should be limited just in office. Do not be a part of office agendas and groupings. These things can harmful for your best career.
Never Underestimate Oneself and Over Estimate Yourself
During your job career do not feel proud on your self. Do not think that nobody else can do it what you are doing. Never underestimate your junior that he is not enough efficient because it happens sometime, junior do such a work that senior can not do. So always be lenient and humiliate.
Salary/Money Base
Be loyal to your work and your company, it will definitely give you fruits of your labor. Every one wants better for his future but gain it step by step. Do not skip from your job before one or two year just on money base. Where you are going they will pay you attractive salary but this thing will remain in their mind that you can skip anytime for the sake of money.
Expect Creates Confusion
If you are satisfied with your current job then do not take too much interest in job advertisements and further plan. When you will see the extra facilities and offer that you have not then you will become confuse. It is also possible that you make your mind to change the career.
Some extra time
If you have not finished your work in limited time then it is better to pay some extra time to fulfill your responsibility. If you skip with incomplete work, it means that you are irresponsible and have no value for work and duties. Especially in your new career this thing can exploit your career.

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