Thursday, 7 October 2010

Elements that Make a Good Lecture


Some people born with extraordinary qualities of representation, some people are enough gregarious and feel comfortable when represent something to a group but they can just entertain them, can not convey a lecture. Art of lecture bases on four elements such as segments of an effectual presentation, best use of all the components of lecture situation, material collection and way of delivery to the students/audience.
Impact and wisdom
• To have effective lecture, your material should concise, prepare, transparent, mentally organized and should have reviews.
• Your knowledge should eager and interesting.
Presentation Material
• Your presentation material should organized, appropriate for the course level, the audience mental level and according to the course task.
• Material should relevant to the course objectives and topics in hand.
• Presentation material contents should be based on major points, generalization and principles.
Lecture Delivery
• Delivery style of your lecture should remarkable like it consists of variety, acoustic, hallucination and kinesthetic modalities of possible. You can also use AV supplements, expressions and challenging questions.
• Try to create eye interaction between the lecture and students through questions with timing. After a short break allow the students to process the lecture through material.
• There should be time limit to process the lecture. Lecture should be limited and enough in amount and number.
Body/Structure, Set and Closing of the Lecture
• An effective lecture includes several phases like set, body and closing.
• In the beginning of lecture it needs proper set up. A set up consist of content Introduction, value of material and objectives.
• Body of lecture includes outline and major points, repeat summit in different points. Try to create connection between past and future.
• Closing is the last and important step of the lecture. Its importance should explore through summarizing the basis points, back references to the original and do not try to introduce new material at the closure of the lecture.

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