Thursday, 28 October 2010

Financial Literacy For Kids For A Better Future

Author: Vincent Cerally

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Financial literacy for kids is a very important aspect in their lives today. It seeks to provide the knowledge and skills to help the child make effective and informed choices through his or her basic understanding of finances. For most of the growing kids today, money to them is meant to buy things.
In many economies, teaching a child about money is an alien concept during elementary school and high schools. This has actually led to some serious consequences. By instilling this concept in the minds of kids, you build up a lifetime of prosperity and financial responsibility.
If kids are deprived of this knowledge when they are young, they may grow old having saved nothing for their retirement or even personal savings. In their working lives they may deal with the problem of mortgage payments. They may also consider themselves bankrupt due to heavy debts.
To avoid creating a generation that is financially drained, kids should be taught how to save. If a child starts saving a few pennies per week, he will have accumulated thousands of dollars within his entire working life of 30 years. If the money is kept in a bank account for all these years, it will accumulate a large amount of interest.
The earlier the child starts to cultivate the saving culture, the greater the returns. A guardian can introduce financial literacy to his child through leading by example. Children do what their guardians do and not what they say. One can therefore start by putting some spare money in a money box or open a savings account. Better still, he could act as a bank by topping up their savings depending on their saving behavior.
Financial literacy for kids can be taught in schools, at home or even via the internet. Today we have online programs and webinars that can actually teach kids how to manage their finances from the comfort of their home. Such programs prepare kids for a brighter and financially secure future.

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