Friday, 22 October 2010

How Copywriting Helps You to Sell

Author: Lewis Ormond

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Many businesses small and large use copywriters and many other don't, preferring to write their own copy. However, unless you are a 'natural' or have trained yourself how to write copy, the chances are that any of your competitors who use a professional copywriter will convert more of their site visitors to buyers than you will.
The why is simple, in today's fast paced world we are impatient consumers of information, we don't want to wade through pages of copy no matter how informative, we want to know what we're going to get out of it and we want to know that fast!
A professional copywriter knows how to present the benefits of your product or service instead of the features and although you may very well be proud of all the features that come with your product or service, what your prospect wants to know is 'what's in it for me?' that means 'what benefits are there for me?'
A professional copywriter will also know which are the best fonts to write in, these are the fonts that are the most easily read, rather than the most elegant or the latest fad.
These days people like information presented in easy to bullet points, if necessary with links to 'more info' so they have the choice of consuming the entire content or just the headlines. If they like the headlines or bullet points then they'll probably move on to the 'more info' in a frame of mind that is more open to buying.
Why? Because their interest has been captured, they have a good idea that you provide what they're looking for and so they are now prepared to spend the time to read more about what you offer.
· Benefits not features
· Short to the point copy
· Readable text
· Simple words
Now you may be wondering why I say 'simple words' well because whilst you may understand your industry jargon, many of your prospects may not. I'm talking about 'insider' words, those that are unique to your industry, if you are selling business to business they may be applicable and you may have many prospective clients who understand some terms. However for the most part your copy will read better and grab interest more quickly if you keep 'jargon' to a minimum.
The other way to keep words simple is to remember that if you're dealing with the public using long erudite words may complicate the cognitive processes of your intended demographic audience.
What that means is keep the words simple so everyone can understand and think about them clearly so they can come to a decision to use your services!

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