Thursday, 28 October 2010

How To Teach Kids Money Lessons

Author: Vincent Cerally

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Most parents know that it is vitally important to teach their kids about money from a young age. Successfully educating them about its value and how to wisely use it can help them become well-rounded adults who know how to manage money properly. If you are looking for some useful tips to help teach your kids money lessons, this article can help.
A great way to get your kids to learn about the value and importance of money is to make them work for it. This means that you can no longer buy them the things that they want simply because they want them. You will also need to stop giving them a regular allowance unless they actually do something to earn it.
When kids work for money, it helps them understand how money is made and the effort that is required. This will be a valuable lesson because as they spend the money and realize that they need more of it to afford the items they want or need, they will have to associate the money with a certain number of work hours. If they work hard for their money, they will be less likely to squander it away.
It is very important to teach kids about savings accounts and how they work. If they already understand how to add and multiply, explain the concept of interest to them and show them how their deposited money can grow over time. A great way to really bring the point home is to also tell them how much money is made due to interest over the years.
If possible, open a savings account for your child. You can deposit a small amount of money to begin with and then have them do the rest of the saving. Each time you receive a statement, show them what their money has been doing and tell them how they can improve their saving efforts.
It is possible to teach your kids money lessons from a very early age. Talk to them about savings, spending, and debt to ensure they have a full understanding of money and how to properly manage it.

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