Thursday, 7 October 2010

How to Utilize Time When You Miss Summer Internship


Summer internship is a precious time for every concerned person. Some people take it very easy and start planning very late for summer internship. But they get disappointed to know that they have lost the chance of utilizing summer internship. If you take a deep look of internship researchers, you will be shocked to realize how much competitive it is to secure summer internship. Congrats to those people who have got the internship chance! But for those people who have missed this chance to utilize their precious time, here are some suggestions for the further plan.
1. If you have some options or career ways in your mind but you are not able to focus on one thing then search more to find your internal interests.
2 Discuss with some professionals about your career in interview style for the purpose of gain and learn.
3. Be in contact with professionals till you do not finalize your field or optional career.
4. Take a deep view of occupational outlook for the sake to gain understanding of your desired career. Such as education, expected job prospects, overview of your working conditions, needs and earnings.
5. Try to get internal information of desired career through blog searching and social media.
6. If you have skills and want to develop your expertise in a specific field then join classes or attend seminars.
7. If you have missed your summer internship chance then join some fall-classes and determine to be fit on base of your skills and experience. Plan to achieve your target in your fall semester project to enhance your talent.
8. Prepare your cover letter during your free time for the purpose of marketing.
9. Do a dummy interview with your career consultant to have experience for a marketing job. Try to show your capability of persuasive people and promote your product in varied style. If it is possible then also give a demo of your talent.
10. Add all assessment, career researches and incorporation in your resume or in application material.
11. It is very sensitive time when you have to carry on and stay positive to utilize this time. It is necessary to be in patience to gain skills and knowledge. Summer internship is a greatest chance to develop your career and gain valuable gets.

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