Monday, 25 October 2010

Nurse Practitioner Jobs Are Important

By Adriana Noton

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You may be seen by a nurse practitioner if you go to your doctors office or the emergency room. They are becoming a large part of our health care providers in the United Sates and may even be considered a patients primary health care provider. They are trained to treat patients with a wide variety of conditions. If you are interested in health care, there are many nurse practitioner jobs available all around the world.

Nurse practitioners are schooled to diagnose and treat of both commonplace and complicated medical conditions, and depending on their area of specialization, they will examine patients of any age. They are registered nurses that have completed a graduate level training program and are licensed by the state in which they practice; they must also hold national certification through one of many national boards.

Some states allow nurse practitioners to practice independently of a licensed physician while other states require that he or she be directly supervised. Most practitioners have jobs as physicians and they perform duties in the office just as a physician would; examining patients, ordering tests and prescribing medication or therapy as needed.

The training a practitioner undergoes prepares them of all facets of a medical practice; they are trained to take thorough medical histories, perform comprehensive physical examinations and prescribe medication as needed. Some states do regulate the type of medications that can be prescribed by a nurse, however. Nurses may be trained to assist physicians with minor surgeries and procedures; they are usually directly supervised during these procedures. Nurse practitioners may be employed by community health clinics or urgent care facilities where they see many different patients and conditions.

The first practitioner program was begun in 1965 at the University of Colorado; since then there are many accredited programs at colleges and universities throughout the United States. To enroll in a nurse practitioner program one must first have passed all the coursework to become a licensed registered nurse; nurse programs are all at the graduate or doctoral level.

Nurse practitioners may specialize in any number of areas, form pediatrics to geriatrics. They may work at colleges or university clinics or public health clinics where they see a variety of conditions. They may also be employed by nursing homes and hospice care where they provide services to elderly or critically ill patients.

These nurses are trained to provide holistic and preventative care; and since a nurse practitioner is trained as a nurse first he or she may try to involve the patient more in his or her well-being. They often view healthcare as a process that involves the patient and also their family in the process of the treatment; this allows the patient to feel as if they are playing a role in their treatment. Of course, if a nurse practitioner feels a patient requires care that is out of their scope of practice, they refer the patient to the appropriate physician.

There are many different practitioner jobs available, they are now filling many jobs that were once held only by doctors; they may work in emergency rooms, doctors offices and clinics. Nurses are an important part of our healthcare system.

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