Friday, 22 October 2010

Pros and Cons of an Accounting Career

By Joy C. Harrison

If you like working with numbers, you probably have considered a career in accounting. Accounting is a field with a variety of sub-fields that can take you to a number of different careers and work. Believe it or not, there are many pros and cons of pursuing an accounting career. Here are some things to take into consideration when considering a career in accounting.

The Cons

1. This field is highly competitive. Because there are many jobs in this field, there are plenty of graduates of accounting degree programs. By pursuing a higher degree than an undergraduate degree, you may have a better chance of finding work than someone with an associate's degree.

2. The field is rather conservative. While that may not necessarily a bad thing, the field overall can be quite bland.

3. Most accountants are paid hourly. This means that you will be responsible for keeping track of your own hours. It needs to be documented and billable hours need to be kept in records.

4. Hours for new accountants tend to be long, so keep that in mind when you start as an accountant you may be working very long days.

The Pros

1. The job market is vast - this means many jobs and many opportunities for accountants of all levels.

2. Many accountants work for larger firms, so you will have several colleagues and "like-minded" people to work with on a daily basis.

3. Because accounting is such a broad topic of study, there are many ways to put your degree to use.

4. Salaries for accountants tend to be rather high and there are many opportunities for advancement within the accounting field.

5. You will always be learning when you're an accountant. As you begin to work with different clients, you will begin to understand their business and their industry.

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