Friday, 29 October 2010

Razor Scooter - The Latest Craze

Author: James Neo

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This razor scooter bears high quality, safe to be used, and hence, forms the perfect gift item for your kid. Your kids would not want anything else on their birthday, when they see this power wing razor scooter. With this kind of gift item, your kid would actually be happy using it, and they would not get bored of playing with it easily. The best element is that instead of being a mere toy, it will just serve as an exciting vehicle granting the power to have an exhilarating rides anytime and every time.
The razor power wing comes with three wheels, and the back of it is dual winged. This item is available for both boys as well as girls. The maximum weight of your kid, which this kind of a razor scooter can handle, would be 143 pounds. The safety features of the razor power wing scooter make it very kids friendly to use. The three wheels of this scooter helps kids to balance themselves well, and learn well. The front wheels of this scooter are made of urethane, and the back wheels are made of polyurethane. This gives extra durability to the wheels, and the vehicle would last for a longer period of time, no matter how much your kid uses it. In order to gain increased control over the toy, hand brake has been provided. In order to ensure a smooth ride for your kid, ABEC-5 bearings have been used. This is a high performing bearing, and the scooter is bound to last longer with this kind of bearing. The stability bars of the razor power wing scooter are removable. This helps those children who are younger to learn how to ride this kind of razor scooter more safely. The razor power wing is loved by kids of all ages. Please keep in mind that, smooth surfaces are the ideal place to ride this kind of razor scooter. This toy is very easy to assemble, and can be moved without any hassles, as it requires just hip movement to move this toy. No pushing is required.
For all round fun mode to set in, how about a razor scooter? This scooter has marked a niche for itself in the American culture, and from kids to youngsters to adults, everyone wants to go on the move and have fun with razor scooter. Every scooter is designed in such a way so that it suits the lifestyle of its rider. It is designed in a sleek manner, thereby making it a stylish thing to possess! There are different designs available to choose from, and you can go in for the one, which best suits, your style, and self. Enjoy your ride on your well-chosen scooter! Another chosen means of ride can be a ripstick. Riding a ripstick can be fun too, and you can have a fun ride on your ripstick, while you balance yourself well on it. Have a fun ride!

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