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Sample Executive Secretary Resume


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Almost all executives and directors need a secretary to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of all services and in-time performance of all managerial operations. An executive secretary is responsible to provide secretarial support to the senior management. Their list of duties is not limited to providing clerical assistance and receiving telephone calls and greeting with the visitors they may also have to provide services in conducting a project or making important documents as per the needs and order of the executives.
A person with more skills and efficiency are required for these posts. They sometimes have to utilize their managing skills and perform same liabilities as that of senior management other than their clerical duties. Therefore when the employers move towards appointing a candidate for this post become more formal and seek for the people with more skills and strong experience and educational background.
Therefore other than concentrating on the skills a candidate should also give equal importance to resume writing. All employers appointing for any post make a decision about the candidate by reading the resume submitted by the candidate. A professional looking resume will win an interview call for the applicant and a resume composed with no diligence will get no attention and will be thrown in the dust bin therefore all the candidates are advised to spend more time in preparing their resumes.
Here are some important tips for all the candidates who are getting confused in writing their resumes. Take advantage from all these instructions and win an interview call:
  • Start the resume with introduction and then give objective statement.
  • In the personal introduction, give name, home address, telephone numbers, and e-mail address.
  • In the objective statement try to use coning words and show personal interest in joining that position.
  • Do not hesitate to share all key accomplishments in the past work experiences.
  • Look into the past and state all responsibilities in the employment history section.
  • Use chronological order to give information on employment history.
  • Avoid becoming extra personal in providing information and don’t use magical and challenging sentences.
  • Don’t use any negative sentences about the previous employers.
  • State all job related skills in a separate section.
  • Use bullets instead of paragraphs and avoid too lengthy sentences.
  • Give much importance to grammatical and spelling accuracy and avoid all logical mistakes.
  • To ensure accuracy, proofread the resume more than once and try to remove all mistakes and errors.
  • Keep it in mind that the length of the resume should not exceed than two pages and information should be relevant.
  • Add education and other required sections in the last and at the end give references.
All the candidates who have prepared their resumes as per the instructions mentioned above are assured to submit their resumes and start preparing for the interview. And other candidates who are still feeling hesitation in writing their resumes do not need to get worried any more because here they all are provided with some sample resumes that have been composed by professionals and have capability to win an interview call for the applicant.
These resumes are not only complete in all respects but these are also flexible enough to get customized according to the needs of the users. Feel free to download and take advantage.
Sample Executive secretary Resume 1
Sample Executive Secretary Resume 2

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