Monday, 18 October 2010

The Secrets of Top FarmVille Players

Author: Suryaratna Chandrashekar

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FarmVille, which can be played either within the Facebook site or at the site, may be a simple game when you're just starting out, but to play like the high-level FarmVille players is just not that easy. With some helpful tips and advice, you too can make your mark in this time management game.
1. How frequently do you log on to the game and for how long?
The frequency and length of time you log in to the game are distinct factors in determining the best crops for you to plant and the techniques that you should use. In FarmVille, a day is only 23 hours long, so remember that when you calculate what time you should log on to the game.
2. Know which are the most profitable crops and trees to plant.
The FarmVille market sells many crops that you can plant, but not all of them can give you the best value for the coins you spend on them. When you compare seed cost, selling price, time to harvest, and experience points or XP gained from the crops, you can see that the most profitable are peas, asparagus, grapes, sugar cane, and tomatoes. You cannot grow most of these crops until you are at least level 19.
Trees will not earn you as much as crops do in FarmVille, but the advantage of trees over crops is that they will not wither like crops that are not harvested within a certain amount of time. You can get banana, date, gulmohar, maple, and olive trees as gifts.
3. Be a really sharp player from the get-go.
The first time you open the FarmVille app in Facebook, you start with 200 coins and 6 plots of land. Two plots each have strawberries and eggplants ready for harvest, and the remaining two are partly grown. Harvest the crops that are ready, and you will have 323 coins.
Use the plow tool to add more plots to the ones you already have so that you'll end up with either 10 or 11 of them. Plow all the plots. The cost to plow all of them will be 150 coins.
Compute how many coins you will need to plant the crops you want.
Seed all the plots with soybeans. This will cost you another 150 coins. From the plowing and planting, you will have earned 30 experience points.
With the recycle tool, delete all the soybean plots. This allows you to plow and seed again. Repeat the process as many times as you have to until you get the coins you need. You will earn unlimited experience at only 10 coins per XP even though you were not actually doing much on the farm.
Plant the valuable crop that you wanted, then log off the site if you want.
Next day, harvest the crop and collect your profit. You can repeat the XP accumulation technique as necessary.
And there you have it, a few little secrets for becoming a better FarmVille player. Have fun applying them on your own farm.

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