Sunday, 17 October 2010

Starcraft2 Anti-Tank Zerg Tactics

Author: Lam Guanhui

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In Starcraft2 some beginner Zerg player have some trouble fighting against heavy Tank Terrain Army. Lets talk about Tanks first. Terrain players can build a couple of tanks and leap from seige into the Zerg base placing the zerg player in a difficult situation. Zergling, Roach and Hydralisk all die to Tanks in seige mode like flies when block by a Marine or Marauder force in front.
If you are able to tech to Mutalisk before the attack it will put you in a great advantage by luring the Marine Marauder force in front and attack the Tanks with Mutalisk from behind. But what if you have not tech to Mutalisk? Is it a sure death for Zerg player?
The answer is no. Below I will show you 2 ways to counter this Tank push from the Terrain Player.However, this 2 ways can only work with scouting and knowing when the enemy will attack.
1) Burrowed Roaches
Tech up Burrow and Tunneling Claws for the Roaches. When the attack is incoming burrow the roaches under the Tanks behind the Marine Marauder forces. Unburrow them beside the Tanks and kill the Tanks. This way you can clear the Tanks very swiftly and clear the remaining Terrain forces.
2) Raining Banelings
Morph Zerglings into Banelings. Tech Pneumatized Carapace and Ventral Sacs for Overlords. Load them all up into the Overlords. Fly the Overlords over the Tanks and drop all the Banelings directly over the Tanks. This is also a highly efficient way to overcome this Tank tactic use by the Terrain player.

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