Thursday, 7 October 2010

Tips to Resolve Conflictions at Work


Confliction in the workplace can be stressful for every involved person. Learn to dominate the person to whom you are struggling and try to resolve the situation. For the best resolution take few steps to get better in the workplace. Conflict can be happened among the groups, organization or individuals. But same principles can be applied in any situation. If one technique does not work then try another.
• Be careful, do not express any kind of aggression in your posture, facial expressions or voice tone, everything should be normal. Be confident without being aggressive.
• Pay full attention on other person’s saying. In this way you can get your opponent’s idea.
• If you are suffering with your co-worker then discuss with your supervisor, especially if your work is being threatened.
• Converse it clearly what you want to say. Offer positive opinions and recommendations. Always be willing for being flexible.
• Just imagine yourself in his shoes but do not say yourself that you are wrong.
• Words have great power in them. So try to reveal your seniors that you are agreed with them. In this way you will gradually break down the other person’s annoyance.
• If the situation verbally turns into abusive then decisively, stay calm state to reveal other party that you are feeling really bad with these words. Still I am going to excuse myself and do not abuse me like this. Then leave his room or ask him to leave you alone.
• If you are really on mistake then admit your fault and reveal the other party like ‘you are absolutely right but it was my fault.’ If you are not wrong and he is trying to dominate you then at least give him sense of the doubt by clearing the matter. It is hard to argue with him/her but doubtful words usually have marvelous power and attraction in them. It might be surprising by what will happen after that. At the end person can be convinced. This situation may be unusual.
• Try to use the power of hallucination. If you are dealing this situation on daily bases with the same person then consider that person loves this situation. Some people like to give every person a hard time. Then just imagine that he feels insecure and unhappy that’s why he is doing all of this. So just ignore him.
• During this situation, do not skip your meal in anger that can be harmful you. Other will never lose anything with this act.
• At the end, try to handle the situation wisely and appropriately in accordance with the situation that may vary from one person to another.

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