Thursday, 7 October 2010

Use of Social Media to Find a Job


A traditional procedure to find a job is to prepare a resume, writing a cover letter, resume submission to banks and corporate sites is no more effective. Do not cross your fingers in hope of receiving a call from authority manager. Mostly people do not go through proper networking and do not ask some jobber friends they know. There are many ways to use social media to find a job and in order to network.

Keep in mind below mentioned tips in using social media to find your next job.
Via Blog
It is a unique and latest idea to showcase your talents and potential. People can see your interests or what is important for you. Your writing skill and even blog is an example of your work. It also helps a person to make a resume or person’s image. You can also help other people through a blog. You can give them social ideas for searching a best job. For instants, if you want a job in a specific company through public relations, you can see a blog to have an idea for it.
Proper Channel Approach
It’s not definite that they have a vacant seat where you are submitting your resume. It is also possible that 80% job offers are received through proper networking. Via social media, resumes are useful for hiring managers. He directly calls you for an interview without resume.
If you are approaching through social media then it may include various multimedia fundamentals, sharing options, integrated social networking feeds and more elements like this.
Website Options
There are a lot of websites to take start for social media. Some websites are freely serving for this purpose. Some websites provide different tools facilities, like guest book for the new user’s help.
Now I would like to share more essential tips and advices how to maximize the experience and what it brings you. Look at the blow mentioned tips.
  • Experience: Profile is a similar thing to the resume. On Facebook or other social network account profiles, give your brief description. Especially show your experience while you are using your profile as a resume to seek a job opportunity.
  • Face identification: It usually happens that people who daily use links do not use picture to hide their face identification. But in the professional purposes, it is really helpful to use picture. In fact it is a mistake to avoid picture. Because in business or career, people like to know that person to whom they are talking. There are some professions in which personality counts up to 80%, like customer service and marketing.
  • Recommendation: If someone recommends you then it is good. You also console him and spend some time to recommend him back. All this is necessary for the social media.

Further Short Tips
  • Also pay some time in questioning and answering.
  • Be connected with concerned person till you do not get your goal.
  • Invite people to connect with you, also send those reminders time to time.
  • It is good to join social networks, join some informative groups and be connected with them on regular basis.
  • Do not show your childish behavior in online communication but show your expertise.

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