Monday, 4 October 2010

Want to Delete Porn?...Forget it

Author: Gaelim Holland

Last month, there were over 136,231 reported keyword searches for "delete porn" registered on Google search. Those are only the registered searches in Google. Unregistered searches account for four times the above number. So, what is every body so worried about?

The birth of the internet was supposed to give people the freedom to download private adult entertainment into there homes.

However, their homes are no longer a private place. There is nothing private on the internet. A constant online connection means that the door to your home is always open. Therefore, it has become necessary to delete search history and especially delete porn history to avoid embarrassment and protect your online security.

The internet privacy industry has grown exponentially because of the need of people to delete porn from their computers. However, those poor souls have no idea that the techniques they are using to delete porn are mostly wasted. Adult websites have developed modified cookies, registry keys and image spies that, escape this software. These modified spies re-record PC users information especially credit card history. These actions are done online not offline.

Internet privacy and evidence erasing software cannot protect your from being tracked online or targeted by identity thieves and hackers. The effort to delete porn from your PC hard drive is nothing more than an offline solution to an online problem.

Users never stop to think that their IP address can be tracked and monitored by spy software, ISPs and the new IP hijackers. There has been little information provided to the public about protecting their online privacy. This is why search engines are being flooded with the entry "how to delete porn". Obviously, this is a sign of ignorance. One of the few effective ways to cover your web tracks is to perform a "secure delete" to learn more about secure deletion procedure. Visit

User must seek out information in order to protect themselves from identity theft, embarrassment and I guess learn "how to delete porn". This action is not difficult but the solution is not lock away in one click software. Online solutions are needed to stop adult websites from collecting your information and selling it to highest bidder. So, how to delete porn is not the question that needs to be answered.

There are a few question such as

How to protect my IP address?

How to perform a secure delete?

How to stop information thieves?

These questions should get you started on protecting your privacy. So don't become on the millions trying to learn how to delete porn. Learn how to protect yourself!

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