Sunday, 24 October 2010

Ways to Make Money Within Your Current Job

By Christopher Mendetta

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While it is certainly a tougher work environment now than most of us have ever seen in our lifetime, there are still ways to make money within your current job situation. Many of us have had to go through rough periods of being laid off, reduced to part-time or on call status, received pay cuts, or even had our positions eliminated due to budget cuts. In such an ugly environment to try and get ahead, it now has become survival of the fittest, and the way to keep succeeding is becoming one of the strongest animals in the herd.

If you were one of those unfortunate people who lost their job entirely and had to find their way back into the workforce, you probably took a position that was well below where you know you should have been. Managers or directors with experience taking supervisor jobs, and supervisors taking a front line staff position does not seem like one of the ways to make money, but it could be a start to something bigger. Just getting in the door these days is difficult, and sometimes nearly impossible. Once you have made it into a position, start from day one proving you are capable of so much more. The only way you will climb that ladder today is earning your higher-level management's trust, and proving you are not your average worker.

Often you can attrition your way through some of the lower levels just by showing up and doing quality work when others are beginning to just go through the motions. Being reliable, and available for the extra shifts, weekends, or holiday shifts might be one of the ways to make money, as you will start getting noticed for your dedication. Eventually your work ethic will pay off.

Finding the right ways to make money in a tough work environment is always going to take some patience. Don't expect employers to be impressed with your one week of hard work, or your first successful sale. Your staying power is what will eventually win them over. Anyone can fake it for a few months, but mediocre people will always level off pretty fast, and you will then begin to move up the ladder. Take whatever training they offer, and promotions, even little ones like shift lead positions or assistant supervisor positions will earn you some credibility when the moment comes to make a bigger move. Don't get discouraged, and keep your winning attitude as you fight your way back up that ladder of success.

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