Friday, 22 October 2010

What Career Should I Pursue? Painting Neptune Black

By Tamara Miles

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Neptune is astrologically ruled by Pisces and is traditionally the planet of spirituality, the abstract, illusion, disillusionment, where things aren't always what they seem, i.e things can become nebulous and very unclear. For those of us with a heavy Neptune influence or even Neptune in the tenth house. It can mean one of two things, either you may end up with very spiritual values and pursue such things or those involving illusion/ deception or your life will be filled with confusion. For many people with heavy Neptune influence in their zodiac charts, this can mean being very perplexed about what you should do with your life or career. You may go through life in a fog. Changing careers or your mind, being indecisive and flighty, sometimes even scatter brained. This may not pose a problem for these individuals in their youth, but as they enter adulthood, they may find that there constant changing has caused a lack of stability and they still are wondering,"what do I want to be when I grow up?"

So, what does it mean to Paint Neptune Black? Black is the color of power, control, allure and daring. Black is mysterious, but controlled. Black is certain and confident. People wear black when they want to seem powerful, svelte, in control, conservative, sure and authoritative. When you Paint Neptune Black, you assume control for your life, you overcome the cloudiness in your life, you regain a form of stability and certainty. You regain your power and become empowered.

Numerology coupled with other ancient and occult sciences such as the Tarot-cartomancy--the art of divining through cards, astrology-study of the stars and their positioning and Acrophonology-the science/study of name meanings. All these things can give very thorough insight into an individual's personality. When such a study is done, we can begin to piece together what paths may be best for this person, where the strength of this individual lies in many aspects including vocation. Further use of intuition by a skilled practitioner can merge this information to produce an accurate and informative pathway for the individual to ponder and decide upon. This is no different than using a personality test that many businesses employ to decide on a new employee or make a hire decision. Test such as Meyers-Briggs, Enneagram and other such testing help employers to decide if they want to hire an employee and what type of employee this person will be.

For example Warren-Edward Buffett born Aug 30, 1930 can be divined as such using Acrophonolgy or the study of names:

Warren Edward Buffett: Never Misses Opportunities for growth, uses strong reason and logic, replaces fear with faith, over-intellectualizes, handles details well, proud, take advantage of all opportunities, needs to develop his creativity and talents. Determined to prove himself to others. Much enthusiasm with a driving attitude toward achievement in life, enjoys a challenge, take thought-directed actions. lack of confidence in mental abilities, does not like being forced into giving your opinion. Inventive.

Using Numerology we see that Buffett's Life Path is a number 6--The drive is to be communal, love of family and harmony, yet with keen executive and business skills, he has the nature of a warrior. He must learn to manage and administer your material circumstances and make reasonable and business-like judgments with a strong view of planning for the future. Your need to establish harmony, security, giving and receiving love and take on responsibility. This may best be established in fields such as an artist, architect, stage designer property manager, surveyor, accountant, banker.

Using Astrology--Buffett's natal chart indicates a sun in the eight house, which indicates a career handling other peoples money or wealth

Tarot usage indicates the seven of coins, a steady tending to grow material wealth, The eight of wands also indicates a sudden boom or progress in this career.

After examining all the pieces, the final outcome using the intuitive process would be to advise a career in banking, finance, or other monetary handling.

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