Tuesday, 26 October 2010

When Hard Work Looks Like Good Luck

by Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D.

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People keep telling me I'm lucky. Yes, I know the feeling. When I took a year off, when I moved to New Mexico, when I took a special trip, people said, "You're so lucky." And I answered, with a happy smile, "Yes, I am."

True, I've been "working" seven days a week for most of the last twenty years. People get emails time-stamped 5 AM sometimes.

I once heard a successful mystery writer tell a group how hard she plotted each book with cards all over her living room. It's work, she said, and added, "And I am so lucky that I have this work to do."

That's how I feel!

There's always some element of luck in our lives: being healthy, living in a free country, not serving time for someone else's crime, having education appropriate to our dreams, having persistence and determination to save money for our dreams, having motivation to go forward when the going gets rough, having the innate sense to call for help when we need it ...and more.

Sure, we work hard for what we get. And what we get is... well, lucky!

So I'd hear those comments as "Congratulations! I admire you!"

Hug those people (metaphorically at least) and say, "Thank you for reminding me. I love my life."

You can add, "And I think most of us can reach our dreams if we want to." Refer them to a book, a coach, a counselor or even a movie.

You won't have to avoid them anymore. They'll either go out of your life ("too much joy") or cheer you up.

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