Friday, 22 October 2010

Why a Supermarket Could Offer You the Perfect Job Opportunity

By Lindsey Watson

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The current economic climate is continuing to look gloomy and as government cut-backs in the public sector start to bite an increasing number of people are finding their job is not as secure as they would have hoped. And if you are currently out of work you could be forgiven for thinking that even securing an interview is going to be a struggle. However, there appears to be a resilient sector within the retail sector that is continuing to perform well, despite the recent recession - supermarkets.

Some of the leading names in the UK grocery market are continuing to post healthy profits and for the top four retailers, Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda Walmart and Morrisons, new store expansion is continuing to progress at a rapid pace.

A successful supermarket is like a community in itself. Do not be fooled into thinking a supermarket will only offer low paid work to low skilled people. This is not the case. In a large supermarket you will find hundreds of staff undertaking a wide variety of roles in positions such as Senior Managers, Personnel and HR, Logistics Managers, Finance and Accounting personnel and Customer Service Managers. The heartbeat of any supermarket is its shop floor staff and here you will find roles including check out operatives, drivers, bakers, butchers, fishmongers and store replenishment.

The leading names are now featuring in some of the well regarded "Best Employer" lists and this is because they offer staff competitive levels of pay and real prospects of career progression. Even if you start on the very bottom rung you will be mentored by your peers and have a real opportunity to progress within the store's hierarchy if you so choose. In fact, many of the store managers employed by the supermarkets will have worked their way up internally.

Remember, many job vacancies open at supermarkets local to you are not advertised within the local press. In many instances they will be advertised in store on a notice board. You should also make an effort to visit the retailer's website, where all of the top four have a number of live vacancies currently open for application.

So, if you want a change in direction, are searching for a little more job security or need something a little more flexible to suit your lifestyle consider your local supermarkets. You could find your idea vacancy is closer than you think.

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