Sunday, 24 October 2010

Work For Myself Or Work For The Man?

By Johnny Wall

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Bold headline? Well it's true, but I'm not here to sell you on anything, just to educate you on some things that are going on in our economy that you might not know about. So, if you have an open mind and are ready for some real change in your life, please read on.

Most people know how the internet has revolutionized the way we communicate on this planet but have have grasped the massive wealth transfer that is occurring online. According to Paul Zane Pilzer, economist, author, and economic adviser in two presidential administrations, over 10 million new millionaires will be created over the next 10 years in the home-based business industry.

There are millions of people turning to the internet everyday searching for ways to make money from home, at the same time that unemployment rates are skyrocketing. See a trend here? If you can position yourself in front of these people with real, new economic solutions, you could stand to make a lot of money.

Home-based businesses have always done well in times of recession, but in the 21st century coupled with the power of the internet, we're talking about MASSIVE wealth creation. This may be the largest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen.

I'm going to cut to the chase here. Of course there is a lot of crap on the internet, hyped up business opportunities, magic bullet marketing systems, and the list goes on. I have nothing against multi-level marketing (MLM) companies, it is a legitimate business model and provides a great option for people to build a company, and a skill-set over time, but if you're like me, you don't have 2-5 years to create a serious income.

I like the GPT business model, or Get Paid Today business model. I don't like to mess around. That's why the most exciting of these new online business models is high-ticket direct sales. It's highly leveraged like MLM, you benefit off of the efforts of your team, but it pays immediate high ticket commissions.

There are three companies right now that will gladly pay you $3k, $5k, and $10k PER SALE for your marketing and advertising efforts. All three of these companies use highly converting online systems to do the prospecting, selling, and training for you on complete auto-pilot, giving you time to focus on advertising, marketing, and building relationships.

One word of advice before I close. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Only join people in business who are qualified to train, mentor, and support you in your business. If all three aren't there, walk away and find someone else.

And be ready to take ACTION and make fast decisions, things are changing fast and you don't want to miss out.

Johnny Wall is a home based business builder, Internet marketer, and trainer with a passion for showing others how to create real and lasting freedom for themselves through entrepreneurship and a practical approach toward personal growth. Johnny works with a group of inspired entrepreneurs who are committed to contributing to the new economy and to empower as many as possible to achieve personal and financial success in their lives.

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