Thursday, 4 November 2010

Blouses - A Window To A Woman's Many Moods

Author:  Dean Mills

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Consider the silk blouse. It is a little playful, mostly fun, but it also means that she wants to do something a little more interesting than beer and chips. It usually means that it is time for a little theater, maybe some ballroom dancing, definitely time for a little wine. This is the serious playtime shirt, as opposed to the sheer blouse, which usually means that she wants to do something a lot less serious. When a woman wears a sheer blouse, it is time to bring out the romantic comedy, a bowl of popcorn, and be prepared for a lot of holding; odds are good that the movie will be forgotten before the end of the evening.
The satin blouse is one that requires a good accessory or two. As it can mean both play and business, it needs a little something extra to help define what the woman is thinking. Most blouses for women are obvious in what the woman is thinking about; a satin blouse, on the other hand, is such a workhorse of a woman's wardrobe that men need an extra clue as to what to expect. A jaunty vest, for example, or a nice piece of jewelry tells them how to behave. In the same area is the ruffle blouse, which seems to be worn when the woman is looking for a little bit of the quixotic; she wants to have a little fun, a little romance. If she is wearing it to work, she already knows ahead of time that it will probably be a fun day. If she is wearing it after work, odds are that you will not be able to relax that evening until she has had at least one drink and a dance at the local saloon.
Of all womens blouses, the one to watch out for the most is the plus size blouse. Nothing makes a woman more depressed than having to face that she is not one of the most perfect creatures, and so having to buy a plus size blouse means that it is time for a little fun, a lot of romance, and hiding the ice cream. This is when she is most vulnerable, and thus needs the most support. A lot of support goes a long way towards making her feel better, as well as cementing your relationship with her, and you can always tell when she has bought a new blouse.
All told, it pays to pay attention to what a woman is wearing. Not only does it help tell her mood, but also you can expect. If you truly love her, your ability to pay attention to what she is wearing will help you know when she needs an extra hug or when to schedule some dancing.

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