Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Dealing with Coworkers The Disgusting Part I

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The work environment often can be described as a meeting place of people with different characters and backgrounds. Every employee is required to be responsible for the work entrusted to them and can work together with other colleagues. Moreover, when in a team. Cooperation is needed most.

In cooperation with other team members, sometimes there is one person who often become the source of the problem for you or other team members. Employees often say this one and being rude, grumpy and happy to shout. This is of course difficult for other employees that often intersect with her, especially about work. How could I not, yet nothing has been commented spicy mouth and offend. If you have a colleague like this, what should you do?

1. Remember that often the things that underlie the behavior of employees who are hostile in fact not caused by you. Expenses caused by problems outside the office as a personal or family problems unconsciously carried over into the working atmosphere. So, if you feel you've done the best thing to deal with these people and always do the job you well while still hostility emanating from the follow his horns, then remember that the person is likely to have other problems, not with you. Do not take it personally.

2. Before the deal with this employee, prepare yourself with a clear argument. Create a scenario in your head to face all the reasons that may be conveyed. Remember to not show arrogance or even fear, but to say every argument you with confidence.

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