Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Dealing with Coworkers The Disgusting Part II

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3. Open to discussion. Although co-workers showed a defensive attitude or unpleasant, but do not waste the opportunity if he wanted to discuss with you. Or ask him to discuss the settlement that provides a solution for both parties. But do not forget to stick to the principle that you hold.

4. Do not pour gasoline into the flames. Do not ignite the emotions of employees by replying to the action or words with the same ballpark. Besides it makes the appearance of conflict, it actually will make these employees feel more powerful than you because it can make you angry.

5. Reply with 'goodness'. Answer ballpark with a friendly word, a smile even though these employees 'away'. There was no resistance from you or a flat response and super friendly just makes the employee feel bored and eventually give up to then do what you want. It may be hard at first because you are certainly encouraged the desire to hard person, but believe me good treatment and sweet of you will stop bullying him.
6. Offer and give assistance. It could be rebuke and a hostile attitude was due to his job during an over-loaded and can not be shared with others. If you feel competent and have time to help, offer your helping hand. This is a powerful way to make her feel close to you.

7. Ask for help from a third party. As good as any you, and no matter how hard you have been doing business, sometimes still not enough to stop the bullying of those annoying employees. Have third-party assistance to resolve this or discuss other things you should do. The most suitable person is actually your manager. He has a responsibility to minimize or even eliminate all forms of interruptions that interfere with your performance.

If all these things you do with the maximum, but the results are still far from complete, even interfere with your work performance and productivity, then that could be done next is to start planning to change job. Working with people who can not work together will only make the work environment uncomfortable. If it were so, productivity and achievement that is at stake work.

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