Thursday, 4 November 2010

Disaster Management in the Workplace Part II

Stuck in the elevator. There are many cases of accidents related to the elevator, one of the lightest is a stuck elevator and several passengers trapped inside. This is usually caused by power failure suddenly or there is damage to the motor. If you encounter this situation, the first thing to do is do not panic. Immediately use the emergency telephone is usually found in the elevator to the building operator to notify your position. If the emergency phone is not working, use other communication tools such as HP or shout for help and pounding on the elevator door for someone else know your presence.

Earthquake. Although your office building in the category of anti-quake, do not underestimate the earthquake evacuation training that are ordinarily incurred by the building management. It is important for you to know the path to the stairs emergency rescue if an earthquake actually occurs. We recommend that you do not panic and rush to get out of the building. Usually, many falling victim precisely because jostle each other to save themselves. Do not use elevators, use the emergency stairs to descend. If the shock is so strong and things began to fall, take shelter under a sturdy table in the corner or angle shapes and other triangle. Avoid sheltering in front / back of the cupboard or table.

Fire. Once again, try to be calm when the fire alarm in an office building suddenly roared loudly. Get out of the office toward the evacuation point quickly but still tertib.Jangan use the elevator to go down because he could have stopped on the floor of the burned or stuck in the middle of the floor. Walk down to avoid inhaling too much smoke. Check the door knob before opening it, if it feels hot, skip it because it is definitely room in it have been burned.

Explosion bomb / bomb threat. Employment Although the situation is quite amazing, you should also prepare ourselves to face this possibility. For a bomb threat, usually has enacted special procedures that integrate with the team from the police. Any bomb threat against any building will be taken seriously with sweep and evacuate. Just follow the instructions from the team on duty, do not try do not care even if in fact a bomb threat aimed at the high-rise buildings are not proved.

Parking in the building. Security parking structure began to question concerned the number of car accidents resulting in fatalities plunge. Moreover, if the spiral-shaped building which is very dangerous for the riders that have not been trained. Know your building parking situation, employment jobs make sure that the walls are high enough, its not a compact space, or simply by the size of your car. If you find it difficult to park, do not hesitate to ask for assistance valet parking. For users of automatic car, be careful when stepping on the gas or the brakes do not be too slow or too deep.

How sophisticated was the building where you work does not make you immune from disasters or accidents. The best thing you do is minimize the risk and prepared as best as possible, because these things can not be predicted arrival.

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