Thursday, 4 November 2010

Dresses For Curvy Women

Author:   Lidzy Bee

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Being a big fan of television series (ranking from hospital drama such as ER or Grey's Anatomy to recent success Glee) I musty confess that I've become a true addict to Mad Men. Since episode One, it was clear that it was going to be something previously unseen on television. Now we're already ending Season Four and it did not lose charm, perfection and sheer beauty.
Janie Bryant costumes are such a source of inspiration I want to enter a time-machine and apply as a secretary in Sterling Cooper Draper Price.
In fact, you don't even have to be a secretary, you can join the housewives, too! Those Betty Draper ensembles make me wonder: did all the stay at home mums in the 60s dress in perfectly ironed dresses and sleep in ethereal negligees?
Also, look at this season's Sally Draper (a girl!) outfits: makes me want to make a raid in her wardrobe or at least steal some of the ideas.
This year's fashion is full of references to Mad Men: Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton has shown some marvelous dresses, with full circle skirts and floral designs. Prada took inspiration also from the hairdos of the Madison Ave.ladies. Pointy kitten heels (with a bow!) are back in first row, swing coats and elegant purses will be seen a lot more this winter.
Although, there is a small problem. The whole 60s scene with its waspy waist skirts and dresses doesn't go on well with my current waist proportions.
So, I would have to learn sewing and buy some of the gorgeous vintage fabrics that can be found on eBay. Or find a good dressmaker, one who would be able to make the perfect dress just from looking at a picture from a magazine. Or, the easiest solution of all, find a really good corset, that will make me fit in one of those dresses! I notice that retro lingerie is back too, paired with lace, which is another among the great fashion comebacks this year.
I'm a bit at a loss: I've been reading that exercising isn't directly proportional with waist centimeters loss. I should cut down on pasta, bread and cakes and increase the consumption of protein (whether it is shakes or meat - in particular chicken and poultry). I should forget all those lovely pralines in heart-shaped boxes and step on a treadmill. I should forget stiletto heels and wear some hideous shape-up trainers on my way to work?
But then, what is a small sacrifice of 3 months compared to a gorgeous Betty Draper style dress? Or shall I just go for a Joan Holloway style and remain curvy and happy?

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