Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Ethics or Business Emails To Interest Office Part I

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Until now, in addition to telephone, email is so effective one communication media that is often used in the business world. More than 90% of employee Internet access in the office used to access their email. Why email is still a favorite medium? Email allows users to convey information in writing with quick, cost effective, easy, efficient and versatile (can be used to send various types of files eg: multifarious image format, PPT,. Doc and others.)

I was so unfamiliar we use email, we often forget the ethics that should be a guide in sending an email, especially email related to business or employment. Here are some tips that can remind you again about the ethics send and reply to emails, particularly emails that relate to the work so that its function can be utilized to the maximum.

1. Use a formal greeting.

Use common greetings like "Good day" or "Dear [name]." Even if you already know the recipient, a formal greeting to show that you respect your business colleagues while keeping your professionalism even if you use media mail correspondent.

2. Keep the tone of the email in order to remain formal and professional.

Use language that is standard and in accordance with business ethics. This is to prevent you from making mistakes, especially if you do not know the detail work culture in the company receiving the email.

3. Check again, and again.

Do not be lazy to edit your email in case of a typo, avoid the term or abbreviation that is not too well known or informal memorable (example: CMIIW, imho, plz, u), avoid adding smilies or other informal icons. Be careful with capital letters in writing an email because it means you are yelling and the recipient will feel offended by your attitude.

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