Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Ethics or Business Emails To Interest Office Part II

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4. Mandatory reply within a maximum of 2x24 hours.

It is important to respond to emails relating to business in no later than 48 hours. If you do not have time to reply to this email properly, responlah by submitting a statement that you have received the email, and will mereviewnya further.

5. Short, clear, solid.

Instead of circling unnecessarily telling you suggested, would be better for you to convey your intentions clear, concise and informative, since the beginning of opening the email. Thus the recipient can catch your point faster and certainly could respond to your emails immediately.

6. Watch your email address.

Email the office usually uses the name of the owner. But if for some reason that can not be avoided you must send an email with your personal email, avoid the names that are not formal like

7. When you receive an email, note the BCC.

Blind carbon copy (BCC) is used when the sender would like to inform you about the email but as a third party. In other words, your email address will not be listed and you are not required to respond to the email. Be careful to not respond if your email address in the BCC field.

8. Note the use of the "reply all"

Unless the information you submit must be known to all people, so avoid using "reply all" button. There are no email recipients who love to see a series of emails that have nothing to do with him

9. Create clear boundaries.

Do not use your work email account for personal purposes because believe it or not, the management office will know about it. Moreover, there are many options for free email account that you can get to easily, quickly and with a capacity that is often far more than your work email.

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