Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Finding the Right Candidate Part I

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Human resources are one of the important basic capital to build the strength of an organization or company. Imagine, employees or resources of men that became the key conceptual and operational driver of a company. Even a generation of leaders within a company.

The recruitment process is the initial chain of human resource development. This process is the initial step of selecting human resources that will become part of the dynamics of the company. Strategies and methods of recruitment of the right will result in employees in accordance with the needs of the company because no company wants the wrong recruitment. Besides going to eat the costs, errors in recruitment will affect the morale and performance of other employees, which in turn also affects the company's operations. Instead of encouraging the growth of the company, even so the burden of the company.

Stoner said the recruitment process is the collection of prospective employees who fit the description of position (Stoner, 1995). The purpose of the recruitment of prospective employees is to collect as much as possible in accordance with criteria established for the job. More and more candidates are collected, the greater the possibility to obtain the most suitable candidate.

Analysis of Each Position (Job Analysis)
Each position in the company have different duties and obligations. HRD personnel must have clear knowledge about it before starting the recruitment process. By analyzing the position, then the job descriptions will be stated clearly.

Called the job description of this analysis will contain in detail the duties and obligations of an employee at a particular position. In addition, job analysis also includes the standard of work and targets that must be met to determine job performance. Parsing job analyzes written in a format that is easy to understand all parties associated with these positions in the company. Job analysis is the basis for further description of the requirements or qualifications.

Qualifications for Each Position (Requirements or Qualifications)
Job analysis or a written analysis that has been held to facilitate the HRD personnel to elaborate further about the qualifications of the ideal, both from education, special skills, experience, until soft skills should have prospective employees for certain positions.

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