Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Finding the Right Candidate Part II

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Specifications are very useful qualification to match prospective employees with a certain position, and identify training and development needed for future employees. Write down the requirements or qualifications set forth by this so clearly. Along with job analysis, are the basic requirements or qualifications necessary to start the recruitment process, especially when writing job advertisements a good and effective.

Writing Jobs (Job Posting)
Writing a job or job postings, both in print and the Internet, also must consider several important things. It may seem simple, but it turned out to provide significant impact to its readers. Here are the things that affect the effectiveness of the writing job openings.
1.Company Name.
Job seekers will be more interested in the advertisements that include company description, even if only briefly. In addition, brand or product names are generally better known than the official name of a company.

2.Writing Position or Title.
Write the name of the position sought with the full and avoid condensation.

3.Ad Design.
Color ads will be more eye catching and make job seekers interested in knowing the content of those ads further.

Recruitment Process
Once you have a clear knowledge of job analysis and requirements, write an effective job, the next step is to sort incoming CV. This process is closely related to the job analysis and basic requirements for both the CV screening.

After CV disaggregated, selection or recruitment process begins. Every company has a preference or a tendency to choose methods appropriate to the industry and their corporate culture.

The ideal method that can understand and map the technical and specialized knowledge and experience, motivation, culture and work performance of employees calong. The following steps are common selection methods used by the company because of its quality.

1.Behavior-Based Interview
This process is the selection process with interviews in order to get results or evidence of behavior associated with honesty, commitment and consistency of prospective employees in the past. Evidence not only received from one party, but need a check back from the 3rd party or other references. Demanded accuracy and caution to double check the evidence.

2.Assessment Process
This is a selection process by conducting an evaluation of the person's behavior that is required for certain positions. Each position requires character trait that varies in accordance with the responsibilities and job descriptions.

3.Hardskill Test
The test is commonly called a knowledge test is a test to determine the knowledge and skills possessed by potential employees. Knowledge must be related to the position which will be occupied by the prospective employee.

4.Motivational Fit Inventories
This step aims to measure and identify the motivation or trigger of the prospective employee to employment which he expected. According to a survey conducted to job seekers during 2007, salaries and benefits so far is still the main motivation for working. However, more and more employees are also assessing the development of personal factors and interest rate is an important factor in employment.

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