Monday, 1 November 2010

Occupational Dangers in a Convenience Store

Author: David S Caldwell

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Convenience stores are a great place to run in and grab a snack or drink when you are on the road or rushing to work. In addition to chips, candy, drinks and gum, more convenience stores offer more healthy options like fresh fruit and sandwiches. Working as an employee of a convenience store, however, can be quite dangerous.
Many hazards can present themselves while you are working that you wouldn't anticipate. These stores typically have numerous heating appliances for coffee, tea, hot dogs, soups and sandwiches. This provides ample opportunity for you to burn yourself on any of these extremely hot surfaces. Many of these appliances have exposed heating surfaces that continually heat all day long.
The potential for slip and fall injuries is also quite high in almost any type of store. Customers coming in are often in a rush and are not careful when pouring and carrying hot coffee to the register. This can be hazardous for employees who could be the victim of a spill.
Late Night Dangers
Many stores are open all day and all night. Depending on the area where the store is located, employees can be at a greater risk of attack by violent customers. If the doors remain unlocked all night, criminals can freely enter the shop and easily threaten the shop employees or inflict bodily harm.
Fortunately, employees who are injured while performing the normal duties associated with their jobs may be able to seek workers' comp benefits from their employers to help cover the costs associated with these accidents and resulting injuries.

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