Monday, 1 November 2010

Five Situations Where an Employment Solicitor Is Required

Author: Robert Berry-Smith Platinum Quality Author

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Whether you're an employee or employer, there are a number of situations that arise which require some form of legal support. Here are five scenarios when an employment solicitor can help.
1. If you're an employer and would like ongoing legal advice, either to ensure you're ready for any complicated situations that arise or just to make sure you are meeting all the legal requirements that are expected of you, then having an employment solicitor should be seen as an extension of your business.
2. If you've been made redundant, but feel that the right procedures were not taken by your employer - such as consultations or a fair selection process - then you may want to consult an employment solicitor for advice on what to do next. Likewise, if you feel unfairly dismissed, a discussion with a legal expert could help put your mind at ease or help you seek compensation.
3. If one of your employees has a grievance with one of their colleagues or even the company itself, you need to sort it out before the problem escalates. It may be that you can do this by yourself, but if it's gone beyond that, an employment specialist solicitor could act as a mediator to let each side discuss their feelings on the problem and help to identify a solution.
4. If you're an employer and need to restructure the team, perhaps moving people into different roles and departments or having to make redundancies you will need to find out the correct methods of going about it. Depending on the size of your business, number of employees and depth of redundancies, you may need to enter into a consultancy process to select who will be let go.
5. One of the hot topics in employment law at the moment is TUPE - the legislation that involves the incoming or outcoming transfer of staff in the event of winning or losing a contract or acquisition of part of the business. This can be particularly confusing for employers and employees, especially if the other company involved in the procedure is demanding that certain conditions are met. By speaking to an employment solicitor, you can find out everything that's required of you and know how to act next.

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