Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Get in Job Search Mode

By Tamara Dowling, CPRW

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Sometimes the most difficult thing about searching for a new job is getting started. Here's how to get in the job search mode and get started now!

  1. Create a carefully planned and professional résumé. Print several copies on résumé stock paper.
  2. Change the outgoing message on your voicemail or answering machine so your message is clear and professional. Turn off any background noises such as music or television.
  3. Practice shaking hands firmly and establishing good eye contact. Get feedback from someone to be certain you've got it.
  4. Purchase or borrow a suit. Be sure your clothing fits well, is clean, and suitable for the environment in which you are interviewing. Take care of the little things like shining your shoes and briefcase. Have everything ready for when you get the request for an interview.
  5. Gather samples of your past work and accomplishments. Make photocopies of items suitable to bring to an interview. Use these samples to brainstorm and prepare which experiences you'll share in an interview.
  6. Draft your personal elevator speech. This is your 30-second description of what you do and where you are headed. It should entice someone to ask more about you. This mini-speech comes in handy when you are networking and interviewing.
  7. Prepare your job search strategy. The main components may be any or all of the following: networking, online search, résumé posting, résumé distribution, cold calling, monitoring job hotlines, contacting recruiters, and using classified ads.
  8. Join professional associations and participate in their local meetings.
  9. Read, take courses, and meet experts to sharpen your skills.
  10. Set aside time every day and work toward your goal. Using the strategy you established, set daily and weekly goals to keep yourself active and on track.

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