Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Getting Retrenched? A Few Strategic Steps on Your Career Moves for a New Job and Future

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3. There are no awards that match.
You have to work and excel to reach even exceed the target. You are also loyal and willing to sacrifice time and extra energy for the job. You are willing to learn new things because of the extra responsibilities charged to you. But there also was no increase in remuneration even if you've worked long enough and have tried to discuss it with management. Your achievements are not recognized as superiors and management and take it as commonplace that it is appropriate that worked. If this happens, start to think to work at another company.

4. There was no progress in your career.
If you're one of those who are happy with the challenge, most likely you will feel uncomfortable to work in the routine. Similarly, on the contrary, you prefer to work in the routine, but you put in a position that is not appropriate. It is closed roads and the opportunity for you to develop your own potential suit your personality. Instead of 'drag' themselves to go to the office every day, depressed and bored with the job done now, then believe that the challenges and new places are a better answer.

5. The difference principle with the customs and culture of the company.
For example: the company implemented a new regulation to curb your beliefs and principles. Or are not willing to develop systems and technologies in accordance with the time for work efficiency. How you can grow personally and professionally if companies curb your growth?

6. It does not enjoy the work as before.
Perhaps you've felt no longer enjoy the job, an environment that is not supporting you anymore, or maybe work overload, everything seemed to accumulate and make you're not able to think about work again, then it's time to quit your job.

7. Your stress level is too high in the workplace.
Jobs and the pressure makes your life uncomfortable and it affects your physical and mental. You have difficulty socializing with family and friends - your friends, will often lose control of your emotions, decreased performance, passion and energy to be lost, so that creativity and innovation is reduced and so on - the other. If left too long, would be tiring on your own, and have an impact for the company as well.

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