Thursday, 4 November 2010

High-Tech Products for Working Moms: Every Mom Needs Time To Relax

Author:  Michelle Voit

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Women around the word are working a job 24/7. They are full-time employees at home along with their workplaces. However, it's just impossible to keep an eye on things going on at home and balance work at the same time. Whoa! Now that is going to get a lot stressful. Imagine a mother coming home from a hard long day at work, and in a split second she has to cook, clean, tidy up the house. A mom barely gets any time for herself during the day. So here are a few nifty products that will help you take life easy once you get home:
Mint Robotic Mop
Mint robotic mop is an interesting gadget that moms will like. It is basically what it says it is - a mop. With the busy work day ahead, you may be running a bit behind your daily morning chores at time. With kids, your husband and pets running around the house and leaving dirt and scuff marks all over the kitchen floor, you may just need to take the mop out and start cleaning.
This is where the Mint robotic mop comes into the picture. Mint robotic mop dusts and wet mops hard surfaces, using all the detergents and cleaning material you already have. This robotic mop doesn't miss a spot, it uses GPS tracking. This robotic mop does seem like something out of The Jetsons show! It's very scientific, and has a space age look to it.
However, the machine can get to every nook and corner you can't. Cleaning and mopping under the fridge, under the stove and wherever you have difficulty in reaching. When it comes to cleaning, this is your answer. Program it with a timer and have it clean your kitchen floor right after the family is done with their meals. This high-tech gadget costs around $220, which is a good price to pay in order to save yourself lots of time.
Cisco Valet Wireless Router
If there is one thing you must hate about working home, that would be having to work on your laptop from a single location because of your internet connection. However, now that the age of wireless gadgets is here, what are you doing with a single wire? Rather than sitting in a room while your kids and hobby are having fun elsewhere, you can use Cisco's Valet wireless router to move around with your laptop wherever the action is.
If you have an older computer that doesn't support wireless capabilities, no sweat! You can purchase a Valet Connector and get that old bag of bolts working like its high-tech successors. Thanks to Cisco Valet Wireless Router, your kids will finally get a chance to be with you, and you can easily work wherever you want.
So, this was a small introduction to two of the latest high-tech gadgets mothers need to check out. If you like what you see, you can always order these from online stores such as and eBay.

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