Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Humor in the Workplace, May? Part II

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Humorous, quick promotion. A study in the workplace said that people who succeed most of which have EQ (Emotional Quotient) is high. That is, people who can manage emotions, can work together with others, and has a good sense of humor. According to a poll by Robert Half International, 84% of 1000 executives claim that employees who tend to work better humorist.

Feel free to be funny. Making people smile and even laugh always give pleasant feeling in the heart. You will feel confident and more appreciated if your co-worker likes jokes. People with a personality that light humorous and always make others happy, usually well-liked and had many friends. This is an advantage because it can expand your network.

Eliminate a great way stres.Tertawa not only good for physical health, but also mental health because it can cause feelings of pleasure. A good emotional state make things look positive, easy and light. So when you are getting fed up, too late, and tired with work, was briefly joking with coworkers to just relax tense muscles and refresh the energy back that was drained. After laughing, your perspective on things will change, no longer judge, criticize, or doubt.

Be careful with humor that could offend. Even if you only intend to enliven the atmosphere with a joke on someone or something, be careful because you may have hurt the feelings of others. Always consider the circumstances, conditions, and the person you're joking. Avoid offending sensitive topics, such as physical, appearance, family, or SARA. Use a mild joke of a neutral eg funny story about your child or other fun experiences. If you feel you have been out of line and offend others, immediately apologized. Or vice versa if you feel offended by jokes of others, show the reaction with the reprimand "Hey, do not be so" or "Do not say like that."

Convey criticism with humor. To minimize the effects of aggressive and threatening, criticism or warning can also be delivered in a joking tone. Although it will sound less serious or may not be realized by the recipient of criticism, this method can reduce the impact of the hurt and embarrassment felt by the person.

Humor to just let go of tired indeed necessary, but not necessarily disrupt your routine tasks in the office. Too many jokes instead of working just to make your reputation is not good. Be proportionate to keep your job done without having to suffer stress.

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