Thursday, 11 November 2010

If Overtime So 'Task' you Part I

word overtime seemed very familiar in the ears of
professional in jobs vacancy . Although it was already trying to take advantage of office hours as well as possible to complete the responsibilities, sometimes working late so the only option to complete a particular job. For some people, work extra hours have become a habit even better reason to load a great job or hope of a job can be completed more quickly with the addition of working hours. But overtime embuat some people feel uncomfortable.

If you have thought that employment jobs working extra hours will increase productivity, well, think again. A research by the Manchester School of Management in 7000 managers from 23 countries stated that there was no increase in labor productivity, which means that even if working hours had increased to 48 hours a week.

But wait, that does not mean you are employment working overtime so far in vain. Further results are also surprising for the results of your work. Work productivity and mental health of several managers for overtime to increase as they did in a time of no more than an hour every day and voluntarily. According to Drs. Brian Faragher, overtime began to show negative effects when performed more than five hours a week. Symptoms such as severe fatigue and decreased concentration of power will eventually emerge and affect work productivity.

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