Thursday, 11 November 2010

If Overtime So 'Task' you Part III

No one forbids you to overtime, but there are things you should look for the balance of life and your health will be maintained, including:

1. Create a schedule
Always try to plan the schedule of completing the work within office hours so that you do not have to go overtime. For deadlines of each phase of work in a day and stick to it. Anticipate overtime but not more than 1 hour after working hours.

2. Inform the family about your work.
Explain the reasons why you should come home more nights than usual. Educate your family to get to know your job everyday because of their support for your mental health is very important. You work in addition to myself as well for them. Things you employment do not need while demanding overtime work is piling up and home and family atmosphere that is not conducive.

3. Delegation
If possible, delegate or coordinate with coworkers jobs vacancy . Sometimes the lack of delegation are the main causes of overtime work. Begin to trust men or educate them to be able to complete tasks in accordance with company standards. Communicate with colleagues who are competent to help you. However the performance and productivity of the team is a shared responsibility.

4. Communicate.
. If your employment jobs thats too much and out of your hand, communicate with your boss. Describe the situation you face every day and try to discuss the settlement will not hurt the team and of course you. Negotiation does not mean you close the possibility for overtime in the future, but set the frequency to once in a while you also can go home on time.

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