Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Interviewer Like You Make in Minute Counts Part I

In the interview process, the use of techniques Match & Mirror has a great impact for the success of the likable person for most people. Just in minutes, this technique will make people like you, although at first people were prejudice against you.

In his book Get Anyone To Do Anything, David J. Lieberman Ph.D. stated that communication creates trust, and allows you to build a psychological bridge to someone.

The conversation became more positive and comfortable when two people are trying to adjust to each other. As we tend to like someone who has similar interests, unconsciously, we also tend to like people who "look like us."

This means that when someone makes a movement like ours, or use words or phrases such as we use, we tend to assume that person is a nice employment.

Under these conditions you can deliberately imitating specific movement performed by the other person directly concerned for your employment jobs. This technique is called Match & Mirror or the equation and reflection.

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