Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Interviewer Like You Make in Minute Counts Part II

Match means following in accordance with movement performed by the other employment. For example, when the other person holding the pen with his left hand, you also hold a pen with his left hand.

While the Mirror means you follow the hand movements as opposed to the other person (the nature of the mirror). For example, when the other person holding the pen with his left hand, you hold the pen with his right hand.

Do Match & Mirror when you undergo an interview. Follow every move made by the interviewer in secret or unknown to him. Give pause a few seconds in following movements.
- Words 7%
- 38% tone
- Body language 55%

Here are factors to be considered in applying the technique Match & Mirror:

The words only affects 7% of communication, adjust expressions used your interviewer. For example you, you, us, us, me, me.

The quality / tone of voice affects 38% in communications. The quality of your voice is more powerful than the words you use. Use the same dialect, rapid tone, high tone, low tone, the tone of sad, excited tone.

Physiology or body language has the most influence in communication. Follow the movement of her body such as:
- Head: head nodding, facial expression.
- Hands: hand movement, left with left, left to right.
- How to sit / stand: lazy position, strapping, confident, self-confident.
- Mood: happy, cheerful, sad, sympathy.
- Legs: straight, folded, legs crossed, foot stand, etc..

In principle, all you have to do is follow the movements of the other person carefully. Follow the movement of the other employment jobs with good intentions and do it carefully so he does not know that you're following your movement, because it actually Match & Mirror is an instruction on the power of his subconscious, rather than on his conscious.

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