Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Micro Braids

Author:  Jackie Reyno

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The unique style of weaving hair strands into narrow braids in by small stands is called Micro braids and is a very commonly used hair do. It is a method that is time consuming to do and the end result is normally a bunch of individual braids.
Even though the micro braids are very beautiful and delicate to look at, they are not really suited to weak or brittle hair. That is why you should take care not to damage your hair by making sure that it is in the best condition before going for the micro braids.
You need to just wash your hair well and use a suitable conditioner before going for the micro braids. Another thing is to use hot oil treatment especially if you have kind of dry hair.
This style of braiding is best when done on shoulder length hair because the hair that is longer than that can cause some problems of stress to the roots as well as spending unnecessary time to do. Of course the same can be said of shorter hair because the braids would not weave properly or hold firmly in order to sit naturally.
Those who do it using mid-length hair are usually left with the option of holding the bunch of braided strands into a ponytail. Most people in fact prefer then to make intricate weaving of groups of micro braids together which gives them a more personalized style.
With beads added to the ends of the braids, or even the art of using colored threads to make a beautiful addition; there are usually very unique attractive patterns that can easily be used to change your looks.
Micro braids create very rich combination of styles that are so versatile and allows one to keep changing their looks from time to time with ease. It is also very simple for a person to just choose an individual style which is quite unique.
That is why just for a simple change of hairstyle that catches the eye with its intricate weaving and beauty; look no further. It is also easy for you to use micro braids to attract attention almost like that of a hip-hop star.

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