Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Things That Make You Have to Move Work Part I

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Getting a job is not an easy job. Surely you remember when I had to hunt for jobs, send a cover letter and CV, excited face interview until you finally get the job. But the reality is not as beautiful as the shadows. As it turns out the work undertaken did not provide the desired satisfaction and reward. In fact, deplete energy, emotion with little or no reward. When this happens it is natural that you and think to change job.
But do not rush a decision to resign. Sometimes the problems faced every day were the usual conflicts arise in everyday life and routine of your work. Later it might be lessons to forge your character maturity. If you are still thinking to move the work, telaahlah following things, if you experienced it? If so, then you have the time to start a new job search.
1. The company experienced downward spiral.
The company lost customers in significant numbers, then there are rumors and signs will be closed because the company went bankrupt. The reason - this is more than strong reason for you to end the working relationship with your company. This does not mean not loyal to the company, but to anticipate your next steps, such as preparing again to find a new job that prospenya greater.
2. Poor relationship with manager or supervisor.
There are many reasons that make the relationship is not good to happen, but make sure you've done something or being proactive to fix this. If you find that your relationship with your boss can not be repaired anymore, for whatever reason, would be better if you resign and find a new job. Things like this will lead to a situation that is not conducive and uncomfortable to work.

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