Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Tips And Advice In Buying A Hair Dryer

Author:  Kris Kelly

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When it comes to buying a new hair dryer you will realize that there are today a dizzying number of options available. Before you spend your money on the wrong model for your requirements it would be useful to take a moment to check out the following buying advice and tips.
To begin with you should set yourself a realistic budget. These dyers are available in a range of prices, from low cost options to expensive designer brands. Always steer clear of any model that retails for less than twenty dollars as these would not provide you with the type of specifications you desire, in fact you may end up with burnt and frazzled hair that is impossible to style. A mid range model that can be had for around forty or fifty dollars should provide you with a suitable service and for many years.
No matter what the price, it would be useful to opt for a design that comes with a warranty. Unfortunately the heating elements can quickly break down and need replacing if used excessively. You would not want to have to pay out for a new model after only a couple of months of use.
Another important consideration is the variety of attachments which come with the dryer. If you have curly hair you will need to ensure you choose a model that comes with a diffuser to prevent frizz. If you do not have wavy or curly hair you may find it more satisfying to purchase a ceramic model.
Make sure the hair dryer design you choose has the right number of settings for your needs. The speed and regulation of temperature are important if you want to have a hairstyle that turns heads. A high wattage hair dryer would be able to provide the maximum air flow to your locks.

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