Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Tubal Reversal and the Rate of Miscarriage

Author:  Debra Verville

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When researching and reading about the tubal reversal process many question how long it will take to get pregnant. Others wonder about the rate of miscarriage. Is the rate of miscarriage higher? Why do so many seem to suffer miscarriages after the tubal reversal procedure.
To date there is no medical proof that the rate of miscarriage after tubal ligation reversal surgery is higher. But if a woman reads on a tubal ligation reversal message board it seems like there are miscarriages to be found. What could be the reason for this if not a higher rate?
When researching tubal ligation reversal we learn that the rate of ectopic pregnancy is higher. This has been medically proven without a doubt. And when a woman gets a positive pregnancy test after a reversal it is very important for her safety to follow the Early Pregnancy Protocol.
But miscarriages are a different story and there is a theory as to why we read more about them. When a patient has the reversal surgery many times she will join a message board for support. Because this is different from many others types of surgery she looks for support while going through the journey. There are others that understand what she is going through and the emotions involved.
When on a message board for tubal ligation reversal the patients discuss every aspect including the trying to conceive phase. For some it takes a few weeks to get pregnant while for others it takes longer. When a patient finds out she is pregnant she is thrilled and wants to share the news. Often it is a soon as the home pregnancy test is positive.
Because couples tend to want to get pregnant right away after a reversal they are looking to test as soon as there may be a chance the pregnancy test will be positive. The testing early is something that we all do. But if didn't have the tubal ligation reversal would we test this early? Did we before our litigations? No, we didn't in most cases.
Even women that have never had surgery tend to miscarry in very early pregnancy but just do not know it. We haven't even missed our periods and are testing. It is very common for tubal ligation reversal women to find out they are pregnant before they even are due to start their cycle and many times a positive pregnancy test will show and they will still begin bleeding because it was not a good egg.
Though the rate of miscarriage may seem higher it probably isn't. We just tend to notice a lot more about our bodies after reversal surgery.

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