Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Uses For Your Old Bras, Don't Waste It, Think Creative

Author:  Tiffany Hart

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The dreaded washing machine wore out your bra before its time. Don't let those old bras go to waste. We do not need to fill up our landfills with bras. We already have enough junk around. It is time to be green, be creative, and try new ideas for our stuff.
Dress up your old bra and turn it into new. If the wire is sticking out, use a paperclip to push it back in and then get out the needle and thread. Add some pretty french lace to the front and sides of the bra or you may opt for rhinestones or sequins. Your old bra will look sexier and new.
Take your sports bra and add a pocket with the material from your old one. You can use the pocket for an iPod, cell phone, lipstick, or whatever. It will come in real useful when you are jogging, dancing, or some other fun activity.
Turn your bra into a purse. Use an old fancy bra. Remove the straps. Keep the cups together by sewing or with using hot glue. Sew the straps back on to make handles in the appropriate places. Add sequins, ribbons, and trim to enhance the look of this bra purse. Many bra purses have been donated to help promote cancer awareness.
Recycle your old bras. Many women are going online to donate slightly used bras to people in need. Some organizations donate these bras to poor people around the world. Other women go online to places like Free-cycle to donate locally.
There are all sorts of organizations now that are using bras for charity. Most want them turned into works of art. Some want bra quilts. You will need a lot of bras of many colors for the quilt. Some use a hanging wall design of bras. Think of artistic ideas for your bras and donate or keep them for yourself.
There are also some fun uses for brassieres. You can separate the cups and use them as face masks. They filter the air from particles to some extent. You can use see through ones to strain vegetables. Large cups make excellent plant holders. You can pan for gold. Use some for bowling bags. Some would make excellent water balloon launchers. They are also great for ball catching games.
There are so many uses for our old things such as worn out bras. You can fix them up, donate them to charity, recycle them, or just think of ways to have fun. Do not let all our junk pile up! Think of ways to reuse our resources, no matter what it is. Bras can have many fun, helpful, and functional uses.

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